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Feng shui kitchen

Feng shui kitchen Feng shui (wind and water) is an ancient Chinese art that monitors and coordinates the flow of energy through space. Great attention is paid to the position…

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How To Buy a Rug

You have dilemma how to buy a rug? In the post bellow we’ll try to help you with this job. First what you want to know when you buy a rug…

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Colorful kids room decor ideas

We bring you a bunch of inspiring colorful kids room decor ideas. The rooms are playful, happy and very well designed. Check out the gallery below. Image source Image source…

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How to paint stripes on walls?

How quickly, easily and inexpensively to make the room more modern and dynamic? On the wall, draw a horizontal or vertical lines and you’ll get an amazing change! The lines…

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Diy clothes rack

Cloth rack is a necessary element of any home. Addition to its primary task they can be very interesting decoration of the space. You can buy it or you can…

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Creative Nightstands Designs

Bedside Table is a practical and essential element in the interior, and in the same way can become a modern piece of furniture that plays an important role in the…

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Vintage style sofa

Sofa is the most important element in the interior, heart and soul of the living room,  because you can not create a comfortable and beautiful living room without comfortable and…

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Turquoise window curtains in home decor

For many people, decoration of the windows is finishing touch in interior rooms decor  and do not pay much attention to it. However, this detail should not be neglected because…

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Unique decorating ideas for walls

Do you live in rented apartment and missing you changes? Most tenant faces the same problem. You would like to make some changes, but your hands are tied, because a…

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Rustic Interior doors ideas

Doors are an integral element of the interior in any apartment or house. Today on the market can be found great variety of colors, shades, covering, designed fabrics and styles. Be…

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Curtains decor ideas

In the process of decorating, curtains play a very important role. Whether you have small or large space, when you choose a curtains you should take attention about some detail….

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Modern Staircase design Ideas

Stairs are structures designed to bridge vertical distance inside or outside the home. Usually classic stairs are made of wood, metal, concrete, stone or iron. New trends  in modern interiors…

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