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Raised wooden platform

Wood is gladly seen material in numerous interiors. Below you will find examples of rooms with a wooden platform that allows visually separating zones, hoping that will inspire creative thinking…

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Printed Dining Chairs

When a designer designs a kitchen, usually all interior components are in the same style and are selected before the works begin. Difficulties start when you need to independently design…

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Hammock floor – Awesome relaxation space

Hammock floors are a very comfortable and relaxing part of the furniture. One of the greatest advantages of this floor is that it can be easily mounted, removed, rolled and…

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Cornice styles for windows

The curtains are spacious ornaments on the windows and give a pleasant and warm atmosphere to the room. However, to set the curtain it is necessary cornice. The cornice is…

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Tropical themed home decor

Refresh your home by experimenting with wallpapers. You can use wallpaper to enter pattern in the room, to highlight a specific wall or some shape, to frame an attractive piece…

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15 Newspaper craft ideas

Do you have old newspapers at home? Sometimes  we do not know what to do with them and sometimes we don’t notice them. Don’t throw them in the garbage. With…

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Beautify your home with jasmine plants in pots

Jasmin plant (Jasminum polyanthum) is one of the luxurious room plants. It grows like a climber, belongs to the olive family, originates from the far east, and blooms from January…

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Decorating with Wallpaper

Wallpapers are modern, fast and inexpensive solution for a total makeover of living space. With wallpaper every wall will get new and completely different look. But why only walls? The…

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Living room storage ideas for small spaces

Independently of how big is our living room always has a lack of storage space. There are different ways to organize smart storage, save space and make room to look…

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Creative ceilings ideas

Most often when we renovate the home we are thinking about decorating the walls, decorating the floor, and the ceiling is usually white. However, this part of the interior can…

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Vintage kitchen design ideas

Vintage style is an excellent idea for all those who love old traditions. Many of us have beautiful memories of grandmother kitchen and from there start inspiration for vintage style….

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Shell planter ideas

Today, the planters are used not only for decorating outside or on terraces but also they are an integral part of the interior space of the home, offices. Do you…

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