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Famous clock towers

The role of clock towers can be seen from its’ name ” Clock Tower ” , which means  tower  with a clock. It may have  one or a few large watches ( usually of four sides ) for more people to be able to seen and read the time from afar . Clock towers usually possess a mechanism that strikes the hours day and night with simple tones or melodies . They usually locate near the central positions of major cities. Clock Tower may represent an independent building or part of other facilities such as  church or municipal building. They are architectural and cultural historic landmark of each country . Take a look some of the most famous clock towers of the world 

Big Ben, London, England


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Montreal Clock Tower, Canada


Palace of Culture and Science. Warsaw, Poland


Peace Tower, Canada


Clock Tower, Hong Kong


Victoria Theater and Concert Hall,Singapore


The Rajabai Clock Tower in Mumbai,India


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Zytglogge tower Bern, Switzerland


Spasskaya Clock Tower, Russia


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