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4 Reasons to Clean Air Ducts During Fall

There are a lot of exciting indoor activities to take part in with family and friends as the weather changes. Also, spending time with many people in an enclosed space with clean, conditioned air is more fun. So, have you cleaned your ducts during fall in preparation for your time indoors?
Cleaning air ducts at the right time within the year ensures efficiency. You’ll guarantee that the air is clean and comfortable to take in. Having clean air before the snow sets in, especially in a humid region like Miami, is a health matter. Read on to learn why to clean air ducts in the fall.

Why You Should Clean Air Ducts During Fall
The primary objective of cleaning air ducts is to increase the efficiency of your HVAC system. Besides, you need fresh and clean air to improve your health and comfort at home.
In detail, here are the reasons to clean air ducts during fall.

1. Improve Indoor Air Quality In Preparation For Allergy Season
Although you naturally spend most of your time indoors, according to the EPA, the time you spend indoors during fall is likely to increase. Therefore, you need better indoor air quality.
As fall approaches and the temperatures outside continue to drop, you will spend time indoors with doors and windows closed. That, plus the fire on, will surely deplete fresh air quickly.
Cleaning air ducts during fall ensures they can keep up with the demand for better air circulation in your space. In addition, duct cleaning is essential to clear pollutants that may compromise the air quality in your area.
Fall is also allergy season, which demands constant clean air in your living space. There is less sunlight, and the conditions are just right to favor mold and fungi growth. The two are known allergens that grow readily on debris in your air ducts. Only through cleaning and maintaining the ducts will you discover them on time.

2. Promote Energy Efficiency
If your HVAC is malfunctioning, it tends to consume more energy. One of the reasons it might malfunction in the first place is if the ducts are dirty. Once you set the thermostat with dirty ducts, the system will work harder, competing against contaminants, to reach the desired temperature.
By the time fall comes and ends, the ducts will have accumulated enough pollutants and debris to cause your system to malfunction. Cleaning the ducts during autumn gets them ready for the winter.
Systems like the heater might become necessary, so it’s best to do everything you can to ensure all connected appliances achieve energy efficiency. Failing to clean air ducts on time will have you spending more on electric bills.

3. Prepare your Living Space For More Time Spent Indoors
Nothing is worse than being trapped in a musty space with numerous people. Air conditioning is necessary for your home, even during the cold season when you need to close doors and windows. Recent events have proven that it is essential to have good-quality air.
Regular air duct cleaning ensures adequate fresh air in your space. You can look for various signs to know when your home has terrible air quality. For instance, look out for when you or your household develop respiratory issues. Consider it a sign that you need to clean air ducts.
Cleaning the ducts during fall eliminates terrible smell and odor, which have the potential to make your home unlivable. During cleaning, you get rid of dead rodents, mold, and bacteria, often the source of the odor.

4. Get Rid Of Mould, Dust, And Pests
Removing mold, dust, and pests, dead or alive, is the primary goal of cleaning the air ducts. However, some contaminants like mold are hazardous. One sign that the air from the vents has mold spores is a runny nose, scratchy throat, and red eyes.
There is dust piled up in the ducts if you find dust films on surfaces after cleaning. That’s because it blows out with the air coming from the duct system.
If you have an air duct system, assume that pests like roaches, ants, and vermin have read nested throws and schedule a regular cleaning.

How Do You Clean Air Duct
Air duct cleaning is straightforward, and you can comfortably turn it into a DIY project. However, consider hiring an expert to minimize the chances of damaging your system. A professional knows the sensitive parts of the system that require handling with caution.
Since air ducts are part of the HVAC system, an expert may see it fit to clean other components like the fan motors, cooling cold, fan housing, and heat exchanger. Another reason to consider hiring a professional is that expertise is necessary when handling some cleaning agents.
When you start noticing dust on surfaces you just cleaned, your air duct system is in worse condition. An essential part of the process is ensuring you get the right tools for the job. You’ll need a vacuum with a hose and nozzle attachments, a screwdriver, paper towels, an air filter, and a brush.
Here is a brief description of how to clean the air duct system in your home:
1. Detach and wash vent covers using the screwdriver and then give them time to dry
2. Use paper towels to cover vent openings, so the dust doesn’t land on the walls and floor
3. Tap the sides of the ductwork with the handle of the brush to loosen the dust
4. Vacuum the dust that is within reach. You can also use a paper towel to wipe stubborn dust particles on the openings of the ductwork.
5. Replace the filter to ensure good-quality air in your space
6. Screw the vent covers back once they are dry

Final Words
It’s essential to clean air ducts during fall for several reasons, mainly because it’s still allergy season, and cleaning the air transfer system in your house minimizes the chances of allergens like dust and mold making you sick. However, some air pollutants can also be hazardous when built up over time, so it’s a good idea to regularly clean out your ducts.
Dead pests trapped in the vents also cause odor in your house, making it uncomfortable to live in. The energy the HVAC spends is also high when you have a dirty air duct system. If you have trouble cleaning air ducts, hire an expert to do the work to ensure you get good results.

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