Why To Hide Cables – Transform Them Into Beautiful Wall Art

Cables from TV, computers, lamps, extension cords, etc. they bother us and we try  to hide them. There are many ways to hide cables, but the simplest way is to use plastic channel. But why to hide them when the cables can be used as decoration in the apartment. If you do not understand what we mean, look at the pictures below.

Hide Cables

Image creditcable displays

Image credithow to run cables in walls

Image creditart cable system

Image creditcable hanging system art

Image creditart cable hanging system

Image credithow to hide cable wires in wall

Image creditideas to hide cables

Image creditcable organization

Image creditcable display

Image creditcable hiding ideas

Image creditcreative ways to hide cables

Image creditcable display system

Image creditart cable

Image credit

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