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Old fashioned alarm clocks for cozy home decor

Its most important feature is to show us the time, but the clock can also be used as an interesting decoration on our wall or on a shelf if you are creative enough to use it. Here we present some of the most interesting old fashioned alarm clocks and we hope that you will like the collection, and perhaps you will decide to make, some of these interesting watches.

Old fashioned alarm clock for Diy home decor inspiration

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2 thoughts on “Old fashioned alarm clocks for cozy home decor”

  1. How can I purchase the first alarm clock pictured here? My 91 yr old Mother has been looking for years for a clock like this and we can’t find anything like this! She would just love it!
    Thanks, Ann

    1. Hello Ann
      Thanks for your message. The clock is custom made and you can not be found in the store. I will try to explain the technique used for decorating this clock.
      Decoupage – is a method of decorating things with an application (cut pictures or napkins). The paper sticks to the surface of the item, and then everything is fixed with a layer of varnish. It is suitable for finishing plastic, glass, wood, ceramics, metal. It is advisable to select a picture or napkin depending on the purpose of the room. For the kitchen clocks, suitable are motifs with fruits/vegetables, kitchen utensils, food. Pictures with toys, interesting letters will give enthusiasm to the details in the children’s room. Themes of flowers, patterns of pastel shades perfectly complement the living room interior.
      You can try to find somebody who works with this technique and to make the clock for you or you can try to make the clock yourself.
      Amazon has a lot of different decoupage elements to choose. For the idea check the following links : ;
      Also, you will need glue:
      If you need more information on how to do it here is Beginner’s Essential Guide:

      Best Regards

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