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Christmas tree wall decor

The Christmas Eve getting closer, and we are all excited how to decorate our home. The Christmas tree is the center of all events during the holiday, the family is…

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Halloween decorations: Halloween tea lights

If you prepare a Halloween party or want to decorate your home, take a look at some of the ideas that won us. Image credit Image credit Image credit Image…

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Halloween Bar Cart Decor

The Halloween is a night of celebration, superstition, pumpkin, and crazy costumes. If you still have no idea how to decorate your home for Halloween, take a look at our…

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Easy Halloween craft ideas with trash bags

Every year, certain dates make us happy. Except  Christmas, New Year, birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, there is also 31st October when the Halloween Night is celebrated. Many of us give…

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15 Newspaper craft ideas

Do you have old newspapers at home? Sometimes  we do not know what to do with them and sometimes we don’t notice them. Don’t throw them in the garbage. With…

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Decorating with Wallpaper

Wallpapers are modern, fast and inexpensive solution for a total makeover of living space. With wallpaper every wall will get new and completely different look. But why only walls? The…

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Shell planter ideas

Today, the planters are used not only for decorating outside or on terraces but also they are an integral part of the interior space of the home, offices. Do you…

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How to recycle old drinking glasses

Have you ever thought what you can do from old or excess glasses? For example, an ordinary glass can serve you as a vase or even better as a candlestick….

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Creative DIY Mirror Frame Ideas

It is not known exactly the time when is created first mirror, but it is knows that mirror is an essential part of home decor.In Feng shui the mirror should…

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Creative ideas for reusing orange peels

Orange is certainly at the very top of the world’s favorite fruit. Instead of the orange peel thrown away, we bring you great ideas how to reuse it. Make a…

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Diy umbrella stand

Spring has come and with it the rainy days. Do not worry we will not force you to dance in the rain and be thrilled. In the gallery below, we…

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Diy clay projects ideas

There are many things you can do at home and have fun yourself or with your kids. Our recommendation for today is working with clay. Working with clay is fun,…

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