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16 Creative ideas how to recycle Old Baby’s Crib

When your kids grown-up and you don’t know what to do with babies furniture especially with the crib, do not throw it away! There are so many ways to re-use…

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Creative home decorations for Easter – plastic Easter egg crafts

As the Easter close to us, it is time to bring a little holiday spirit to your home. If you don’t have time and ideas to make creative decorations, we…

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Diy Refrigerator Magnets

Have you ever thought of leaving a message to other family members? In this post, we are presenting ideas how to use magnets on a fridge and on a creative…

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Diy easter decorations

Everyone at home can find a number of interesting items, useful and decorative, that can be used for making Easter decorations. Along with such details, colored eggs, decorative strips and…

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Recycled chair ideas

Don’t dispose old chairs. From old chairs can be made interesting, unusual items such as shelves for wall hangers for clothes, benches, decorative objects etc. The surface of the wooden…

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Valentine’s day mason jar ideas

Valentine’s Day, a day filled with romance and love. Although, to your beloved showing each day how much you love them and how much you care about them, yet it…

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Rustic Valentine decor ideas

Home decorating for Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be complicated, and even the slightest detail can bring perfect, in love atmosphere that your home needs to radiate, if not every…

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What to do with old toys

You have too many toys that make you nervous at home, don’t throw them. Some of them you can transform into useful things that will beautify the home, and be…

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Diy spray paint projects

Colors are very important in decorating a colored, aesthetic and pleasant environment, because colorless life would simply be empty. Colors affect mood and create a pleasant ambiance, atmosphere, and have…

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Mason jar decorating ideas

Let’s bring winter atmosphere into our home with decorating jars. All you need is your creativity, jars and materials that you can find at home like a ornaments, flowers etc….

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Creative reuse ideas for plastic bottles

Plastic is a polymer, material obtained from oil. Plastic was invented in 1860 by Alexandra Parker, and its popularity is rising steadily, especially last decade. Time for degradation products of…

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Diy Christmas terrarium

For these holidays, prepare simple and unique decorations quickly and easily. In just a few minutes you can make beautiful decorations that will cheer you. If you have a little…

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