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Electric vs Gas Chainsaw | Which One is Right for You?

Are you looking to buy your first Chainsaw? If the answer is yes, you need to know about the different kinds of chainsaws available in the market and to gather which one will suit your convenience and needs.

There are three types of chainsaws namely, electric, gas and battery-powered chainsaws. Before choosing the chainsaw, you need to be clear about your needs in choosing the right one. You should know what will be you cutting mostly with the chainsaw, what type of maintenance do you prefer, what will be your budget and so on.

Below is a take on Electric vs gas chainsaw, you can choose any of them based on their merits and demerits.

Gas Chainsaw


1.More Powerful

If you are going to work in the frozen forest, then the gas-powered chainsaws are meant for you. The gas chainsaw has huge power and gives the most powerful cut in the shortest span of time. If you want to do lumberjack work and take down entire trees, then you should use the gas chainsaw.

A gas chainsaw has more horsepower and cutting torque than the electric chainsaw. they are usually used for storm clean up, cutting firewood, sawing down trees and cutting up of trees.

2.Longer Shelf Life

They have a large shelf-life and if you want your chainsaw to last for years with your continuously cutting firewood from it, then gas chainsaws should be your top preference.

3.Wide range of bar lengths

Gas Chainsaws come in a wide variety of bar lengths. You can choose the bar length according to the requirement of your cutting job.

4.Easy to Refuel

Gas chains are easy to refuel and you won’t be restricted to a certain area. You just need to have a proper gas supply and you can work for hours, refueling it whenever the gas runs out. If you have to work in the deep forest, gas chainsaw should be your choice of the chainsaw.

But with these advantages, there come some disadvantages too.



Gas chainsaws are very heavy and they are not very easy to use. It can be very tiring for the operator to carry the heavy gas chainsaw around. It causes a high amount of arm fatigue.

2.Very Noisy

A gas chainsaw is very noisy and can create sound up to 120 dB which can cause hearing loss very quickly if protective gear is not worn. The amount of noise a gas chainsaw produce is nearly equivalent to a thunderclap and if you are not wearing hearing protection, it will cause intense hearing loss.

3.Higher Maintenance

Gas chainsaws require regular maintenance to keep them in working smoothly. Some of the parts of the chainsaw will also need to be replaced from time to time.

4.Less Safe

Gas chainsaws are prone to kick back sometimes which can seriously injure the operator. While the kickback does not occur very often, gas chainsaws are more prone to kickbacks than the electric chainsaw.

Electric Chainsaws

The electrical chainsaws come in two types: Corded and cordless. You can choose to buy an electric chainsaw for pruning your backyard or for cutting light firewood.


  1. Lighter

As compared to their gas counterparts, electric chainsaws are very light and easy to use. You will not be complaining of arm fatigue after using your electric chainsaw. They also have greater maneuverability.

  1. Low Maintenance

Electric chainsaws need low maintenance. You have to clean a filter like in gas chainsaws and you only need to unplug the combustion engine to store it in a dry, cool place. They are easier to start and you can work on it just like using a hairdryer. They are very easy to store and you don’t have to worry about emptying the fuel tank or for fuel ratios.

  1. Low Noise

It is so quiet that your neighbors will never know what you are actually using a chain saw. You can use the cordless, battery operated chainsaws for trimming your hedges, cutting limbs from trees and is meant especially for yard work. Their light and compact structure make it easier to reach high branches without having any arm fatigue.


But there are also some disadvantages of using the electric chainsaw:

  1. Not as much powerful

Electric chainsaws do not have as much power as the gas chainsaw. Although if you are using a corded chainsaw, you can work on long and tedious projects you still need a power outlet for the same.

  1. Less Mobility

With corded chainsaws, you need to have a nearby power outlet and you cannot work deep in the forest with them. In the case of cordless, you have the mobility, but the batteries have to charge and they can drain out fast based on the type of battery and usage.


You need to set your requirements for the job and then choose your chainsaw accordingly. If you doing to need a chainsaw for backyard work, it is recommended to go for an electric chainsaw while for deep forest work, a gas chainsaw is a much more preferred choice.

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