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Useful greenhouse storage ideas

Even if you invest in a huge greenhouse, they’re specifically designed to be compact and neat, therefore it’s always essential to have a good storage plan. In order to grow as many plants as possible, it’s really important to make sure you have everything you need in the greenhouse to grow effectively. Utilizing the space in your greenhouse will enable you to work in a motivating environment with everything you need as you need it.

The Basics
When you introduce storage to your greenhouse, the main aim is to create a practical and functional space that you can work in without having things all over the place. Gardening, especially greenhouse gardening, can be a very time-consuming hobby, with all kinds of materials, equipment and tools that need to be stored neatly and safely, but still be within reach for when you need them. One great thing about greenhouse storage is that you don’t have to spend lots of money on it, you can add storage in all kinds of different ways. Start by planning out how storage will work within your greenhouse and then you can look at what type of storage will work where.

Under-Bench Storage
Most greenhouses have benchtops that are used to grow the plants on, as it’s easier to work with a surface that is the same height as yourself than it is to work sat at a table. Having a benchtop like this therefore frees up lots of potential storage space underneath, which is perfect for storing items that are essential for the potting and planting processes. Investing in some drawers or boxes will help you to keep all of your potting equipment neat and tidy and close to hand, making it a much easier process when the time comes.

Storage Units
There is actually a wide selection of storage units available for inside a greenhouse that you can purchase made to measure. Greenhouse staging is a perfect piece that you can add to your greenhouse to keep all kinds of tools and other essential items neat and tidy. Storing items on greenhouse staging enable you to keep things safe, as well as keeping them out of the way and using the height of the greenhouse as well as floor space. You can also find items that are great for storing larger equipment pieces that may not fit neatly under the bench you currently have.

Keeping it Organised
Having a good storage system within your greenhouse is essential for productivity as well as keeping the greenhouse neat and tidy, and with storage comes organization. Not all items need to be stored away in drawers, boxes or on shelves, which is where organizational ideas come in. There are hundreds of different organizational ideas to keep things tidy, one of which is labeling. Labels are one of the most effective creations when it comes to gardening, and having your seeds, soils and so on labeled properly will make your life much, much easier. A great way to organize seeds is in jars. You can keep your seeds in specific jars with a label, ensuring you don’t get them mixed up with any others you might have. You can also label the boxes and drawers to keep things straightforward and simple. Having plenty of storage that is organized and labeled will instantly make your gardening experience much more productive and motivating.

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