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How to Prepare a Flower For Autumn?

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Preparing flowers for autumn is one of the questions we ask ourselves every year. The arrival of autumn and winter doesn’t mean that the enjoyment of the flower’s beauty is over, but for the beautiful potted flowers to remain attractive even during the cold days, is needed additional care and attention. In order for your green pets to thrive correctly during the winter, you must be informed about what is best for them.

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Find them a place that suits them
Potted flowers usually spend the summer months on the terrace or in the garden, so the first step in planning the preparation of flowers for autumn is bringing them into the home. Although the days are still warm now, the nights are getting cooler, and this doesn’t suit all flowers, and damage to the leaves or the stem can occur, especially in ficus, palm, dracaena, etc.


Place potted flowers close to windows as possible, to get used gradually to the days when there will be less light, but keep them away from radiators and other heat sources in the home. Before bringing the flowers home, clean the dry leaves, and then shower them with a weak stream of water. For the flowers that were kept at home during the summer, it is enough just to wipe the leaves with a wet cloth.
The cacti bring it earlier at home because they mustn’t be affected by the morning frost outside. The cacti in addition to the home, you can also store it in a garage or a glazed terrace, where the temperature doesn’t drop below 8 degrees Celsius. Don’t place them directly on the floor (concrete) and during the winter, you should not move the cacti or water them. When arranging the flowers in the home, make sure that each of them has enough space for smooth growth and development.

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Watering the flowers in autumn
During autumn, most flowers are at rest, the process of photosynthesis is not intense and because of that, they need less water than usual. Watering depends on the type of plant, but there are certain rules for proper watering of flowers at that time of the year. The flowers are watered in the morning, and only with settled water. Half an hour after watering, pour the excess water that has collected in the tray of the pot, to prevent the root doesn’t rot. To water the flowers, you can also use tea, as well as the water in which you boiled eggs because they give the herbs additional minerals. While, on the other hand, you can treat the indoor fern with a glass of beer from time to time. If the flowers begin to wither, water them with a little sugar water. You can also use this water for flowers in a vase so that it lasts longer.

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Feeding and transplanting flowers
An important part of preparing flowers for autumn is feeding. This is done only at the beginning of autumn. When you buy food for flowers, make sure that the concentration of nitrogen is lower and that of phosphorus and potassium is higher. It is best to use organic preparations with algae extract and amino acids. Transplanting the herbs during autumn and winter is not recommended, because during that period the herbs are dormant. If you have to transplant it, be sure to use completely new soil and a larger pot than the one the plant was in before.

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