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These Are the Best Wood Fence Paint Colors

Do you have a fence that could use a fresh coat of paint? If so, you’ll want to spend some time mulling over the color options. With so many colors to choose from, it’s helpful to get a little guidance before you pick up a paintbrush.

Keep reading to learn the best wood fence paint colors that you should be considering!

The Best Wood Fence Paint Colors Include White

White always is a classic choice when it comes to wooden fence paint colors. The tradition of the white picket fence has a long history and has become synonymous with living the American dream. You can show your pride and refinement with a white fence surrounding your yard. As another benefit, white will set off the brickwork of your home or tie in perfectly with white windows or shutters. You can’t go wrong with white — unless, maybe, you own a white house. Then you might want to try another color to add more contrast!

Go With Gray

Gray is another excellent option when you’re looking at paint colors for fences, and you can go with a warmer or cooler gray depending on the colors of your house. A gray fence is subtle, but it is far from boring. In fact, it can be very inviting as long as you keep it at a middle-gray level or lighter. The best part of gray? It makes any colors around it look more vibrant. So if you have some pretty pink brickwork or a bright red door, you’ll draw more attention to these features of your home.

Keep It Natural

If you’re more interested in highlighting the natural beauty of your wood, opt for a natural wood stain. With a stain, you’ll create a warm and natural barrier around your backyard kingdom. Wood stains go with just about everything — but do spend time evaluating the tone of your stain. Avoid anything too dark since it will look heavy and imposing. And make sure to practice applying stains before you attempt to do it yourself — or seek a professional’s help.

Brighten the Neighborhood With Blue

A classic navy or lighter cornflower blue can add a cool, sharp ambiance to your backyard and front lawn. Or if you live in a seaside town, aquamarine or playful turquoise will form the perfect complement to your setting. It’s okay to go bold with your fence paint colors! And when you’re not sure if you’re skilled enough to get the job done, look into hiring professional painters. Your fence will look a million times better!

Start Painting

When it comes to wood fence paint colors, you’ll want to see what works best with your property’s color scheme. Get some advice from your family and friends, and hire the pros to get the job done right. You’ll love how much a vibrant new fence can make your property sparkle!

And when you’re ready to find more ways to spruce up your home, check back with us for fresh and informative articles!

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