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10 Contrast interior design ideas for more attractive and pleasant home

Contrasts are everywhere around us, and with their successful play in the interior, you’ll turn the home into an attractive and pleasant place. Dark and bright, shiny and matte, light and shadow, low and high, cold and warm are just some of the contrasts that can enter dynamics and emphasize desired parts of the space. The game of contrasts is a challenge, which with range of the solutions will meet every individual, regardless of the requirements set at the beginning of space planning. Contrasts are themes that you can use in different rooms; in children’s rooms – to make more dynamic and stimulating space, in the living room – for a better atmosphere, the bathroom – to highlight certain elements or parts of the area, contrasts in the kitchen, you can easily achieve with colors, materials or relationships full – empty, ie. elements with doors and open shelves. For your inspiration take a look contrast interior design ideas that we select for you.

Contrast interior design

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