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Corner Sofa – Ideal Furniture For The Living Room

leather sofa

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Corner sofas are always in trend. They fit perfectly in any living room regardless of the color, shape, or material from which they are made. The most often used colors of corner sofas that perfectly match any furniture in the home are black, gray and white, but if you want to bring a little freshness to your living room, then feel free to experiment with other colors like yellow, blue or red corner sofa. For a smaller room, choose a set with one corner, and add additional elements such as stools or armchairs. Break the monotony, with pillows in different and strong colors. For a luxurious interior, a leather sofa is inevitable, especially those in black and white.

In L-shape
This is the most popular form of the corner sofa because it is very comfortable and separates space from the rest of the room, which is especially good if you have a larger open area. Arrange the rest of the space around the sofa by adding stools or a comfortable armchair to create an ideal space for enjoyment and conversation.

L-shape sofa
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In U-shape
Multi-element furniture in the shape of the letter U is also popular. A corner sofa with L-shape will add symmetrical details, which make them ideal for not very large areas, which will make them look bigger. After setting the sofa all you have to do is place a small coffee table in the middle and enjoy the surroundings.

U-Shape sofa

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Round sets
Today, are quite common. Round sofas are almost similar to U-sets, which can be assembled and arranged depending on the wishes and the space you have. This form of furniture always attracts attention and becomes the most striking part of your interior.

Round sofa

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Long components
If your living room is long and narrow in shape and in which it is not possible to put L and U-shaped sofas you can buy long composition furniture. Long composition sets can create a great ambiance with colors and textile textures, providing more seating space and the functionality of a spacious living bed.

modular sofa

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