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Decorating with stripes

Whether you’re using them in a traditional or completely urban and fashionable way, decorating your home with stripes is a great way to enter freshness to your apartment. Depending on how they are used, horizontally or vertically, wide or thin, the stripes can completely change the perception of your living space. They will playful your living room, bathroom, children’s room, regardless of whether it’s about wallpapers, wall colors, adhesive stripes. They can be used in any part of your home and on any part of the furniture. As with other designs, you need carefully to use stripes in order to not choke the space or create a visual chaos. Be creative and enjoy decorating, and for more ideas see our photo gallery.

Decorating with stripes

Image creditblack and white striped wall

Image credithorizontal striped wall paint ideas

Image creditblack and white striped decor

Image creditstriped living room

Image creditstriped couch

Image creditstriped painted furniture

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black and white stair runner

Image creditstriped rug

Image creditstriped accent wall

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