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Feng shui kitchen

Feng shui kitchen
Feng shui (wind and water) is an ancient Chinese art that monitors and coordinates the flow of energy through space. Great attention is paid to the position of the kitchen in our living space, space for feeding and well-being. Functional solution for the kitchen is one of the most important elements of good organization of housing, since it represents an important gathering place for family and friends.


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Position of the kitchen in the living space
According to Chinese belief that evil spirits come from the north, feng shui not recommended orientation of the kitchen to the north. If is possible, it should be positioned so that it doesn’t enter directly from the input, as this may cause digestive or nutritional disorders. The meaning of such a position is call guests to come, eat and leave as quickly as possible. But if that position you can not avoid, feng shui suggests that space “healed”, for example by hanging straight or tiny mirrors decorated curtains on the kitchen door.

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Schedule in the kitchen
The greatest attention in the kitchen is on the stove, which must be positioned so that the one who cooks not be turned with his back against the door. Today, modern designed kitchen is the most line positioned along the wall which limits the position of the person who cooks. In such a case, feng shui recommends to put on the wall some reflective surfaces (eg. mirror or decorative aluminum) so the person who cooks at no time would not be scared.
The best solution are “cooking islands” that with its position enabling a complete overview of the space. But the most important is that the area around the stove is well-ventilated and illuminated in order to avoid the influence of Sha (negative energy).
The sink represents water, the stove fire, so these two elements should not be placed side by side. Also other fire elements should not be placed side by side, for instance stove and microwave should be separated with some elements made of wood.
Today’s for lighting in the kitchen is often used fluorescent lamps which according to feng shui doesn’t bring good health. Fluorescent lamps flashing, afect on the eyes and nervous system, causing headaches, and therefore they should be avoided.


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Colors in the kitchen
The most suitable colors for the kitchen is white because it symbolizes purity. Red, pink and purple should be avoided because they symbolize fire and possible arguments between you and your loved ones. Instead, choose a light green or blue color. In any case, if your selection is not white, feng shui recommends brighter colors.

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Selected Feng Shui rules for the kitchen
• Kitchen cabinets should be regularly cleaned, well-organized, uncluttered and easily accessible
• we need to eliminate unnecessary things that affect the Chi (internal energy). You should have only the things that are used regularly and who do not bother us.
• Kitchen cabinets and shelves should have rounded edges to avoid sharp Chi, while we cook.
• Cork and wood are ideal as kitchen floors. Stainless steel and ceramic tiles can cause rapid chi (it is not good if you want to spend in your kitchen a lot of time because they can exhaust)


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