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Graffiti interior design

Graffiti is moved from the street to an unusual place – in the interior, where they appeared in the most varied forms. Everything that comes to your mind can be embellished with graphite, from wall to chair. Connections are often incredible – furniture with classic design with a pop art, sofa sprinkled with color, and armchairs colored with geometric shapes. For those who want to try this new trend, it is enough one piece of furniture painted with graffiti and all room will get a new, creative note. For brave enough, the entire room can become a showroom for the graffiti. In addition, styles do not have to be harmonized, because the beauty of the graffiti is into connecting incompatible. If the idea of furniture with graffiti sounds tempting, but at the same time too extravagant for your taste, you can get a cabinet that can be painted from inside. That way, you will get a private urban gallery just for your.
A beauty of this design is that you can personally create the graffiti. The Internet is overwhelmed with ideas and tutorials how to make your own art piece from an old furniture. It’s only for you to be brave enough to try!

Graffiti interior design

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