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How to Determine the Ideal Ceiling Fan Size for Each Room in Your Home

Determining the ideal ceiling fan size for the rooms in your home is a crucial part of being comfortable. Take the guesswork out of it with this guide.

The use of a ceiling fan not only saves energy but it saves money too. You can kill two birds with one stone by using a ceiling fan and knowing the ideal ceiling fan size for each room that will make things run even more efficiently. If you’re interested in saving money and energy keep reading to learn how to choose the right size ceiling fan for every room in your house.

  • Take Measurements

The first thing you need to do when figuring out ceiling fan sizes is to take the right measurements. If your ceiling fan has an odd number of blades you should measure them from the center fo the fan to the end of the blade. Now, multiply that number by two and you have the full span of the blades. If you have an even number of blades, measure them from one tip of the blade to the other directly across, and that’s your number. Then, it’s time to measure the room. You should measure both the length and width of the room first to figure out the square footage. Make sure you multiply both numbers to get the total. After you know the square footage it’s time to measure the height of the ceiling. Obviously, you measure from the floor to the top of the ceiling. If you have a higher ceiling it might be best to get a down rod. The ideal height you want from the floor to your fan is seven feet.

  • CFM

CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute) is the rating that determines the amount of air the fan can move in a minute. If it doesn’t state it on the box call the store where you bought the fan from. The smaller the room and size of the fan, you’ll want a fan that has a lower CFM rating. For instance, if your room is under 75 square feet you’ll only need a fan that has a CFM rating of under 1000. You’ll want the size of the fan to be between 29 and 36 inches. If the room is between 75 and 144 Sq. Ft., then you should choose a fan between 36 and 44 in. And you’ll want the CFM to be between one and three thousand. If you’re room measures out at 144-225 Sq. Ft., then you’ll want a 44-40 inch fan. Plus, you’ll want to have the CFM rating at 1600-4500. If you’ve got 225 to 400 Sq. FT., you’ll need a fan that’s 50 to 62 inches, and has a CFM of 2300 to 6500. Lastly, if your room is over 400 Sq.Ft., you should get a fan that’s 62 inches or larger. You should also make sure the CFM rating is 5500 to 13,500 depending on how much over 400 square feet the room is. As a side note, you might want to consider looking into air filter tips.

  • Ideal Ceiling Fan Size

There are several factors that go into determining the ideal ceiling fan size for a room. But, it’s a pretty simple process in the end. Now you’re ready to take measurements and purchase the best ceiling fan for each room.

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