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Make your miniature garden in a glass bowl: Ideas for glass terrariums

Anyone with own garden will confirm that the work in it provides immense pleasure and has a good impact on health. But what if we don’t have a garden or enough time to work on it? Only one plant is enough to make a difference, and the room plants are just created for a sophisticated urban man. Indoor gardening is possible regardless of the season and opens up a series of creative possibilities for plant breeding. Particularly interesting are miniature gardens in glass containers where is created a microclimate and where plants can live in a more or less closed ecosystem. Glass vessels of different shapes and sizes with or without lid can be used for creating miniature gardens. To make terrarium easier it is recommended, initially to take a bottle with an opening that is wide enough for planting and uninterrupted plant care. If you decide to build garden in a glass container, for your inspiration take a look creative ideas that we have prepared for you.

Ideas for glass terrariums

Image creditdiy terranium

 Image credit glass plant terrarium

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decorative terrarium

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cool terrarium ideas

 Image credit terrarium ideas

 Image credit desert terrarium

 Image credit
diy glass terrarium

 Image credit small glass terrarium

 Image credit indoor moss garden terrarium

 Image credit small desk terrarium

 Image credit small succulent terrarium

 Image credit flower terrarium

 Image credit simple terrarium

 Image credit diy terrarium garden

 Image credit cool terrariums

 Image credit glass terrarium garden

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