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Modern cork interior design

Cork is a natural building material that is successfully used in home decoration. Cork has a long life, resistant to the pressure which makes this material suitable for the floors in the hallways or in the kitchen. Cork is waterproof, has excellent sound and thermal properties and therefore is used for wall coverings, backing on other construction materials, furniture etc. For a modern and very stylish look of your home look cork interior design ideas that we have selected for you.

Modern cork interior design

Image creditcork interior design

Image credit cork furniture

Image credit large cork boards for walls

Image credit corkboard wall

Image credit interior design cork

Image credit cork board flooring

Image credit cork in kitchen

Image credit kitchen furniture cork

Image credit cork board wall

Image credit cork lighting & interiors

Image credit decorating cork

Image credit huge cork board

Image credit cork floring

Image credit interior architects cork

Image credit cork like material

Image credit cork flats

Image credit cork interior design 1

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