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Modern interior design styles

Nowadays, if you decide to decorate your home, the term “modern style” has become much broader, because you have hundreds of decorating styles in front of you. To decorate your home to your liking, we present the five oldest and most original styles of interior decoration. Maybe you will find yourself somewhere.
Japanese style
Although it is often associated with the black and white combination, it is much more than that. An example of a modern Japanese-style home is the wooden objects, and the red color that dominates, which in the local tradition reflects happiness. Porcelain vases and decorative pillows, as well as the adored Buddha, are details that achieve the playfulness of the space.
Contemporary French style
There is never a lack of romance in such a space, and thanks to the soft and pastel colors in combination with the light furniture, space get
spaciousness and freshness. Typical of the French style of the interior is the details of wrought iron, lavish picture frames, as well as gilded decorations. If you want to refresh your home, it would be great to invest in small details, which also can be made by you. The modern French style is a mixture of comfort and refinement.
Victorian style
As the name suggests, this style is characterized by the luxury of Queen Victoria of England. To this day, this style is characterized by massive
furniture, mainly made of mahogany wood, and motifs for decoration are always flowers and animals. Decorations such as luxuriant chandeliers and carpets, paintings and mirrors with rich frames are always welcome.
African style
This is a style that hasn’t gone out of fashion for years. Vivid colors combined with earth tones are the basis of this style. Details such as animal prints further emphasize the splendor of the black continent. Virtual masks and wooden figures in space carry a mystical note. The recipe for landscaping in this style is simple – in the home, you need to bring the warmth of the sun and sand, but also the richness of flora and fauna.
Moroccan style
It is an exotic blend of European and Arabic elements, and those who want to turn their own home into a fairy tale will be satisfied. Luxurious fabrics in strong colors give this style a unique and rich look. Furniture should always be made of wood and decorated with rivets and shiny details. Romantic lamps are an indispensable detail.
Modern interior design styles
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