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11 Lovely small balcony decorating ideas

Small balcony decor requires maximum rationalization. On the balcony set just furniture that is necessary, a coffee table, a few chairs and greenery. Of course the balcony should be decorated by your needs and taste. For decorating you can use artificial green grass, various plants for the walls or fence of the balcony, large pillows for seating that come in various colors and patterns, desks or other furniture specially designed for small spaces. Be careful with the choice of the furniture because furniture from natural materials looks warmer but requires maintenance and shelter in case of bad weather. Set greenery in a way that will not occupy much space. Balcony fence can serve you as a flowers holder or other plants, you can also hang plants on the ceiling or attach them on the wall and save space. The place you choose for your small balcony garden should be available so you can easily irrigate the flowers. Choice of flowers and plants for the balcony should correspond to conditions on the balcony (sunlight, wind, shadow ..). In the southern part of the balcony set flowers that blooms most and eastern and western side correspond to the flowers that do not bloom lavishly. Of course you should not forget the proper lighting at night like lamps, candles, integrated lighting which are important to create desired atmosphere. If you love flowers, you have a small balcony and do not have much space then here are some interesting ideas how with little imagination and creativity your small balcony during the summer can become a great place for socializing and green oasis for relaxation and recreation in your home.Small balcony ideas

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Image credit small balcony decorating ideas

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