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Wall clock decor

Wall clocks in addition to basic function to show time are also the decorative items that beautify room and can bring a special charm to your home. Today, there is…

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Industrial style decorating ideas

In the post below we present you gallery of industrial style decorating ideas. Industrial style is very popular lately. The main feature of the industrial style is a combination of…

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How to decorate a brick wall

Brick is one of the oldest building materials. It is made from natural ecological materials (clay) and now bricks wall is a very common in many interiors. Heat is the…

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Dining room color ideas

Dining room is a meeting place for the family and friends, for daily meals, but also for special occasions. Regardless of the form and dimensions an important role always has…

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Modular home office furniture

Whether you’re a student, schoolboy, housewife or just an employee who due to an overloaded schedule often works on weekends at home – good arranged working corner in the home…

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Indoor plant decor ideas

House plants, beside to decorate our home, are valuable guardians of our health. They purify the air, absorb electromagnetic radiation, reduce stress, add positive energy to space, protect us from…

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Furniture makeovers before and after

All of us in our homes have an old furniture, often from youth of our grandmothers, that in the era of modern interior does not fit. That old furniture however,…

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Window blinds ideas

Blinds have proven usefulness centuries back, they have been used  by Egyptians and Chinese. Blinds decorate the window and have a significant impact on the look and feel of the…

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Bedroom lighting design ideas

The main purpose of the lighting in the bedroom is to provide sufficient light in the room. Beside the primary purpose to illuminate the room lighting has and a decorative…

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Vinyl stickers for walls

In a few minutes with stickers for  wall, you can enrich your living space. Wall Stickers are made of high-quality ultra-thin vinyl sheet and can be glued to the wall,…

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Colorful living room ideas

You must have wondered how to connect the different colors, and that they act in compliance and nice? The colors are never isolated unless if with planning is not strictly…

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Outdoor kitchens designs

With nice weather we want to be more on the open, not only while eating but also while preparing food. The summer kitchen are the right solution for that. Outdoor…

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