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Painted ceiling

Painted ceiling dramatically can change the look and feeling of the room. Dark color of the ceiling visually will decrease the space and it is recommended to use in rooms high…

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Feng shui kitchen

Feng shui kitchen Feng shui (wind and water) is an ancient Chinese art that monitors and coordinates the flow of energy through space. Great attention is paid to the position…

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Diy napkin holder ideas

Every housewife knows that the napkin holder is essential element to any table. In addition to the basic function napkin holder has also a decorative role. With little creativity and…

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Small cozy log cabin

Do you ever dreamed to build a log cabin? This small and interesting cozy log cabin was built by man who had no prior experience. The house is completed in…

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How To Buy a Rug

You have dilemma how to buy a rug? In the post bellow we’ll try to help you with this job. First what you want to know when you buy a rug…

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Colorful kids room decor ideas

We bring you a bunch of inspiring colorful kids room decor ideas. The rooms are playful, happy and very well designed. Check out the gallery below. Image source Image source…

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Diy Easter decor in scandinavian style

Scandinavian Easter looks very natural and soothing, using traditional materials such as wood, stone and glass with spring lowers, eggs and rabbits. Eggs are decorated with feathers, marble patterns, rope…

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DIY wine storage shelves

Wine shelves are an indispensable part of the interior for true wine lovers. Storage of wine most often we associate with the basement in the house with wooden shelves and…

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How to recycle old refrigerator

How to recycle old refrigerator? You have old refrigerator that doesn’t work and you don’t know what to do with it, simple re-purpose it as creative decoration of your home….

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Make your own bracelets

Bracelets are perfect spring fashion accessory. With little creativity you can make your own bracelets from leather, linen, fabric, thread etc. For your inspiration look our post bellow. Image source…

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Bath remodel ideas

The bathroom is the smallest room in the apartment, but requires the most time in planning and working on it when it comes to renovation and refurbishment. Like every other…

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Recycling tyres in the garden

We relatively often change cars tyres, and today we present you an ideas for recycling tyres in the garden. Rather than to discard old tires, we’ll help nature, but also…

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