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Cheap DIY Home Decor – 21 Decorating ideas on a budget

Who says that the objects have to be traditional and used for the purpose for which are made. Human imagination goes far behind that and things that can be purchased…

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Urban street art in Interaction with nature

Urban street art as a form that lives in open space is part of a modern culture and has cultural and social significance. The merger of street art with elements…

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Kitchen gallery : 20 Beautiful kitchen Design Ideas

Modern, classic or traditional kitchen each has its own story. It is a place for cooking, eating and socializing whether it is a family lunch or dinner with friends.  Quality…

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28 Dining room decorating ideas that will inspire you

Nowadays it is common to eat in front of TV but well decorated dining room is the heart of every home. Dining room besides the basic function is the place…

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Bedroom interior design ideas with wood accent

In the post are presented some tips and several bedroom interior design ideas. The bedroom is your private space for rest and relaxation and reflect your personal taste and style….