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6 Benefits of Buying a Prefab Home

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Buying a prefab home can save you a lot of headaches. Here is a small sampling of the benefits you can get from prefab homes.
Are you in the market to purchase a new home? As a buyer, you have a lot of options to consider. Because of this, the process might become overwhelming. One option that you need to consider is purchasing a prefab home. A prefab home, or prefabricated home, is a home that comes in pre-built parts that are then brought together to build the home. However, prefab homes are to not be confused with mobile homes. Prefab homes differ greatly from mobile homes in several aspects including design, quality, and cost. The entire home is built inside a factory and when it’s completed, it’s then brought to its final location. When it’s at the location where the home will be lived in, it’s then put together. Prefabricated homes come with many benefits and have become more popular in recent years. If you’re still not convinced that a prefabricated home is for you, then continue reading below. Here are several benefits to buying a prefabricated home.

  1. Fast Construction

Sit preparation and gathering all of the permits you need to build on a lot of land takes some time no matter if you’re buying a prefabricated home or a traditional one. However, a prefabricated home construction process is much quicker than that of a traditional home. This is because the parts to the prefabricated home are already built in a factory. The only thing that needs to be done after purchasing one of these homes is to transport it to the lot and place the pieces together. This saves time because there’s less labor involved and you won’t need as many construction workers on site. Once the house is put together, you’ll then need to connect your utilities.

  1. Energy Efficient

If you enjoy saving money on your energy bills, then a prefabricated home will win you over for this reason alone: prefab homes are energy efficient. Because prefabricated homes are made in the factory, only state of the art windows are used, which helps keep your home insulated. The home is also put together with tight seams. This helps keep it better insulated as well. And because prefabricated homes are built into a foundation like traditional homes are, they’re made to withstand strong natural disasters. After purchasing a prefabricated home, you’ll begin to notice a difference in your energy bill.

  1. More Durable than You Think

Many people are turned off by the thought of purchasing a prefabricated home due to the belief that these homes aren’t durable. This couldn’t be any further from the truth. These homes are made as permanent structures. They aren’t made to move once built together like mobile homes are. These homes are durable as they’re made with structural durability in mind. Many of these homes even come with a 10-year structural warranty on them. Although each manufacturer is different, most are made to withstand up to 175 miles per hour winds. Contact the manufacturer that you’re looking into to determine the quality of their homes.

  1. Remodel Options

When you think pre-made, you think that customization flies out the window. This is yet another myth about prefabricated homes. If you’re remodeling a prefabricated home that’s already built, just be sure to let the company that you’re hiring know ahead of time. There are a few things that they’ll need to do different and adjust for a prefabricated home, but all of your customizations can still be done. If you’re purchasing a new one, be sure to speak with the builders about all of your specifications. When building your own prefab home, choose what floor plan you want, how many windows and doors to have, and what type of materials to use in the kitchens and bathrooms such as marble or granite. You can also decide to have a deck built onto your home or even a garage. Your options are just as endless as when constructing or remodeling a traditionally-built home. Learn more about how a prefabricated home can blow your expectations out of the water before making a final decision!

  1. Affordable

One of the most attractive benefits of prefabricated homes is that they’re more affordable than the traditional home. The main reason for this is that there is less labor involved in the building process. They’re quick to build and take fewer workers to do so. Both of these factors save you money. When it comes to customizing your home, the prices then begin to vary. If you have a lot of customizations that you’d like to add to your home, then the price will increase. However, if you don’t have many customizations that you want to be included, then the price of the home will stay much cheaper. Either way, you’re getting more bang for your buck by choosing a prefabricated home.

  1. Quality Products

There are state and local government guidelines for prefabricated homes that must be met. Before these homes leave the factory, an inspector inspects them well to ensure that they meet the guidelines. All homes go through a quality control process where the builders go through all details before releasing the homes. This process should give you peace of mind in knowing that you’re buying a quality product and home that meets all of the requirements.

What’s Stopping You From Buying a Prefab Home?

If you’ve been contemplating buying a prefab home but weren’t sure if the decision was right for you or not, we hope this guide helped. After reading through this list of benefits, we hope that you now have a better understanding of all the benefits of purchasing a prefab home.

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