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While no one enjoys struggling with allergies, over 50 million people have to deal with them each year. From runny noses to itchy eyes to constant sneezing, allergies can really take a toll on adults. But they can be especially hard on children. Many people consider allergies to be mild inconveniences, but they often result in chronic illnesses and can have debilitating effects on children’s day-to-day lives.

In many cases, medication is necessary and should always be taken as prescribed by a doctor. However, if you’re looking for alternative options or home remedies, there are plenty of steps you take to help alleviate the some of the symptoms.

Many parents focus on how they can ease a child’s allergies when they are outside of the home, where triggers such as pollen pose a significant threat as you’re out and about. But a lot of people overlook the dangers lurking around their homes. For allergy sufferers, pet dander, dust, mold, and even cockroaches can make being at home just as unpleasant as being outside.

You can help your kids breathe easier at home and ease their symptoms by doing some research on improving indoor air quality, regularly replacing air filters, and keeping your HVAC unit in great shape. You’d be surprised at how large of a role your HVAC system has on the allergens in your home. If you’re looking for more ways to help your kids get through allergy season this year, check out the infographic below for more information.

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