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Earth-friendly cleaning and recycling tips

To keep the environment clean and reduce the amount of rubbish there are many products which can substitute the toxic cleaning supplies. Here you will learn how to provide earth-friendly cleaning as well as how to recycle properly. Recycling is important to keep the environment clean and reduce the amount of pollution in it. Use the following recycling and green cleaning tips to make your life easier and save the earth.

Instead of buying detergents and solvents to clean your home you can make such using some basic natural products. Mixed properly, they will create earth-friendly cleaning solutions which will make your home spick and span. Baking soda is one of these ingredients. It has excellent cleaning and deodorising properties. It makes water softer to increase the sanitising power of soaps and is perfect for scouring. Borax is another ingredient which is known for its cleaning and deodorising properties. It softens water and disinfects the cleaned surfaces. When choosing soap make sure you buy such which don’t have many additives, synthetic scents or colours.

Washing soda is another ingredient which can be used for removing stains, de-greasing, disinfecting and making water softer. Its is also known under the name sodium carbonate. Lemon juice and white vinegar are another products which are perfect for removing grease and refreshing. Mixed in various ways these ingredients create all kinds of eco-friendly cleaners for bathroom, kitchen, wooden furniture, appliances and different surfaces.

There are plenty of recipes for making carpet cleaning solutions, stain removers and disinfectants. Rely on self-made products which you have done yourself with any of these ingredients. They last long time and do excellent work sanitising, deodorising and disinfecting your home. They won’t create your family any health problems and won’t pollute the air are saying from Quality EOT Ealing


The best way to reduce the amount of rubbish which is created every day is to recycle some of the items. You can designate a place in your home for storing plastic, glass, metal, paper and other packages, bottles and items. Find large enough bags and label them to indicate the nature of the materials which you store there. Transport the bags when they get filled to the places where they are collected for recycling. You can create less wastes if you prefer buying reusable cups, bottles and other stuff than disposable ones.

You should know which materials are suitable for recycling before starting to gather them. Research which is collected in your town for recycling and take part in it. When purchasing new goods make sure you buy recyclable and recycled ones. The more people do this the better. You can supply local artists and people who create art from leftovers materials. If you live in a house, change your plumbing system so that the waste water and rainwater is used to flush the toilet. This way of recycling water will save you expenses.

Recycling electrics is very modern these days. You can recycle your computer, phone, batteries and other items which will be reused. Many companies pay for returning used electrical appliances or offer discounts when making a purchase after returning old electrical items. Besides from making a profit, the whole environment will benefit from returning old electronics for creating new ones. Don’t underestimate this opportunity to make our planet cleaner.

If you use these earth-friendly cleaning and recycling tips this will affect everyone. We have to become more responsible for the impact which our consumption and way of life has on the environment as a whole. Every day we pollute the air, water and earth with the cleaning supplies we use and the wastes left from drinks and food.

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