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Feng Shui spring cleaning tips

It’s spring and you have planned a detailed cleaning of your home. With following steps, Feng Shui can help you with the big spring cleaning:

– Start cleaning from the kitchen and improve your health. To create a new path for a strong Chi flow, dispose of all the rotten things from the fridge, clean the stove and all dishes that you cook. Clean the drawers in your kitchen and all surfaces.

– The spring is a great time to paint the walls, we recommend to use warm colors for a better sex life. To keep the internal peace, the bed you sleep should look to the door of the room.

– Drop everything you have not used in the last 6 months from the bedroom and from the bathroom. Thoroughly clean this rooms.

– If you are looking for a new love, then it’s time to clean your wardrobe. Make space in it that can energy flow and to attract what you are looking for.

– Enter into the house three new pots with Feng Shui herbs to refresh your energy. If you plan to place them in a kitchen, then select basil, rosemary or mint.

– Review the bookshelves and donate some books. Get new books from the bookstore, on that way you will bring new fresh ideas to your home.

– For better finance this spring, check out all the financial documents you have at home.Try to use more cash instead of cards. Think about new savings ideas.

– Last but not least is to make sure that you understand the meaning of spring cleaning with the help of Feng Shui. This season is the best time for big cleaning because will create good and positive energy in your home.

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