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Home Items Which You shouldn’t Clean With Water

Water is easily accessible and the most environmentally friendly cleaner in any household. However, this doesn’t mean that it is suitable for all surfaces.
Velvet: this fabric is an absolute trendy material in interior design. However, don’t clean velvet pillows or sofas with water.

velvet pillows

Silk: whether it is bedding or blouse, if this material comes in contact with water, it can lead to stains and/or discoloration. Always wear silk for dry cleaning.

silk pillows

Leather: Like silk, leather clothing and furniture are extremely delicate. In contact with water, may remain streaks or in the worst case, the material may become porous and crack.

Leather shair

Laminate: Although many kinds of wood and laminate floors are waterproof, they wear out over time, so cleaning them with water can eventually damage them. To prevent that it is better to wipe it only with a damp cloth or use a special wiper for wooden and laminate floors.

laminate floors

Electronic devices: dirt on screens, buttons and similar devices should always be removed first with a dry cloth and never sprayed directly with water. The water can enter the electronic circuits inside and destroy them.

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