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How often should you change sheets

We spent more than a third of our life in bed, and this place can easily “blossom” into a real “botanical garden” composed of bacteria and fungi. In the folds of our bed sheets is a micro world that can cause health problems. People naturally produce approximately 90 liters of sweat in bed every year and that is an “ideal medium for fungal cultures”. Apart from the fungi and bacteria that live in your sweat, saliva, skin, genital secretions, you divide the bed with animal hair, pollen, soil, fibers, dust residues, and agents from which your bedding is made. All this can disrupt the health of a person and in just one week after you have set up clean sheets to cause symptoms and itching in the throat-especially in those who have allergy and asthma.
No matter if they look clean and without sweat, to prevent possible health problems, bedding should be changed once a week. With simple hygiene in the bedroom, you can prevent the occurrence of many diseases. Regular hygiene can especially positively affect the reduction of asthma attacks and allergic symptoms.

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