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Security on a budget: How to protect your home

Technology might be getting smarter, but so are criminals. That’s the unfortunate truth when it comes to home security, and it means that homeowners need to take it more seriously than ever before.

No, we’re not talking about making sure that you lock your front door every time you leave your home (although this would certainly help). Instead, it’s those more advanced techniques that today’s article is going to focus on, although we are going to pay special attention to those that aren’t going to cost a small fortune to implement.

Cut your hedges

It sounds ridiculously simple, but most Dallas home security experts would completely agree with this first suggestion. In short, you need to bring the spotlight onto a criminal’s activities, and this means that you shouldn’t be providing them with hiding places around your home.

Have a great hedge surrounding your home’s perimeter? Cut it down a little. It might wreak havoc with your home’s aesthetics, but it will at least stop criminals having any sort of camouflage as they try and get to work.

The same applies with security lights

Security lights follow the same line of thought. Again, it’s all about reducing the number of hiding spaces around your home, and this is something that security lights do particularly well. You only need one at the front and the back, and by installing them out of reach you can ensure that if any criminal does want to target your property, they will be doing it with their activities literally put under the spotlight.

Gravel paths can be your best friend

Like the first point we spoke about, this might not correlate with your home’s aesthetics. However, gravel paths are another excellent way to deter potential criminals, for the simple reason that any movement they make will make a noise.

This noise might be enough to wake up a neighbor or a nearby dog, and the rest can be history.

Of course, there are other materials out there that will achieve the same effect, but gravel can be budget friendly and ticks all of the security boxes.

You don’t even have to use a “real” alarm system

Of course, in an ideal world, we would all be armed with the latest home security alarm systems that send images to your cell phone, and have all of the other mod-cons that the nation is starting to grow used to.

Unfortunately, the above isn’t possible for many of us – which is the reason behind this article. It means that you have to compromise and one solution is to have a dummy alarm. As the name suggests, this is an alarm that doesn’t ever emit a siren. It is placed on the front or back of your house and acts as a deterrent to any criminal who might consider targeting your property.

Some of these devices are better than others and if you are thinking about getting one, try and find one with a light so it looks authentic. Criminals are getting savvy with these devices, so light is a must-have feature nowadays.

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