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Is UV Light Good For Tap Water Supplies?


Are you sure of the purity of your water source? Regardless of where you draw your home water from, all families need to be sure of the water’s safety and cleanliness. One of the most efficient techniques for accomplishing this is installing tap water purifiers, especially those that utilize UV technology to eliminate viruses and waterborne bacteria.
UV water purifiers have been in use for several decades, and their popularity has been gaining momentum in household water purification. This is because they have a more streamlined design, require progressively reduced maintenance, and with experts like Water Masterz, installation is easier now than before.

Ultraviolet Purifiers
A UV or ultraviolet purifier often resembles a pen in appearance and is quite easy to use. You simply turn on the device and stir the contaminated water for some time (approximately a minute, but this varies between different products) for pure water.
This device uses ultraviolet light to kill microorganisms present in water. Furthermore, the purifier is simple to use and, in about a minute, gives you clean water safe for drinking. In addition, there are no devices or filters that need replacement or cleaning, making them efficient time-savers. However, when your water is cloudy, you will be required to first pre-filter it.

What Is The Difference Between A Water Purifier And A Water Filter?
Simply put, a water filter, though it might be impressively effective, is only limited to the removal of bacteria and protozoan cysts from water but cannot eliminate viruses. This limitation is due to the minute sizes of viruses. Water purifiers, on the other hand, fight and get rid of all the three microorganisms present in contaminated water.

How Do UV Water Purifiers Work?
UV water purifiers treat water that is micro-biologically unsafe using germicidal UV light. The ultraviolet wavelength scatters living organisms’ DNA, meaning they cease reproducing and thus cannot make you ill.
When you drink bacteria-infested water, these organisms embed in the digestive tract, where they replicate. UV radiation renders viruses, parasites, fungi, and bacteria unable to reproduce by destroying their DNA’s nucleic acids.
The amount of energy dissipated by UV water purifiers is known as UV dosage. An increased UV dosage means that more energy is dissipated to treat the contaminated water. This energy, at a particular threshold, is sufficient to inactivate the majority of the microorganisms in water.

UV Purification Of Tap Water
Tap water isn’t always safe, and sometimes it contains microorganisms such as bacteria, protozoa, and viruses. So if you’ve been getting ill due to the consumption of unpurified tap water, then UV purification can help. A UV tap water purification system provides you with safe, economical, and quick water purification and disinfection.

Your Tap Water Requires Ultraviolet Purification
Following heavy downpours and storms, runoff water helps pathogens leech into wells or public reservoirs prior to the water getting to your household taps. With the continued aging of public infrastructure around you, bursting of water systems also becomes common hence water contamination. Giardia, salmonella, and E. Coli are some of the germs that usually slip into the water.
Your office or home could use the help of UV purification to economically and safely disinfect tap water. This disinfection offers you quick output without chemicals or heat. The small footprint of an ultraviolet water purifier makes it ideal for home and office sinks application.

How To Treat Disinfected Tap Water Supplies With Ultraviolet Water Purifiers
UV tap water purification systems utilize an ultraviolet lamp emitting UV-C wavelengths fatal to both viruses and bacteria found in water. The correct installation and correct sizing of your water system are paramount to realizing a successful water disinfection process.

Installation Of Ultraviolet Water Purifier And The Required Space
UV systems installations are different and vary in space requirements. Some are compact, whereas others require a significant amount of space despite their flow rates being identical. However, the efficiency of the purifier in water treatment is not influenced by the space it takes. Compact UV systems tend to be slightly more expensive and utilize a brighter UV lamp. Typically, UV systems’ installation is done vertically, although horizontal installation is also possible.
When establishing the space required for UV system installation, ensure you get an allowance of at least twice the UV purifier dimension. This should provide you with sufficient room to replace the sleeve and lamp.

Available Optional Features
The majority of UV systems feature a standard end-of-life countdown timer to show the number of days until you need to replace the lamp. However, other systems have controllers with LED lights that indicate the proper functionality of the various components of the system. Newer systems, on the other hand, feature touchscreen displays.
Many UV systems are available with various add-ons, with the most popular option among homeowners being the added sensor. In commercial applications, a flow meter and solenoid shutoff valve are among the common add-ons.

Hiring An Expert Vs. DIY UV Purifier Installation
You will come across various DIY installation kits designed to be installed at the point of use. It typically includes screwing some connections onto the sink pipes though you can choose to let an expert do the installation for you for a more efficient system.
Many home models require expert installation because they directly connect to the home plumbing lines, and any screw-up could mess up your entire plumbing. Therefore, the most efficient means of ensuring the system is well functional is hiring the services of professional UV purifier installers. They not only correctly accomplish the task but also take you through the available options and how each fits your home.

Getting a UV tap water purifier is an excellent option as it is efficient and saves you money compared to other purification systems. UV tap water purifiers easily eliminate all microorganisms that sip through. Furthermore, since these purifiers use UV light to kill microbes, there is no risk of potential irritants or chemicals getting into the water. With this, you get an unchanged pH and water taste. As such, UV light is undoubtedly an excellent water purification method for your tap water supply.

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