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What to Know Before Buying a Home With a Propane Heating System

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About to own a propane-heated home for the first time? Then read on to make sure you’re fully prepared to use and maintain a propane heating system here.

Heating oil or propane heats five percent of U.S. households. Are you thinking of switching to a home with a propane heating system?
These systems are popular for a reason and can offer many benefits to your home. Still, there are a few things you should know before you commit to heating with propane. Propane tanks require a little extra homeowner responsibility, and the right questions will keep you on top of what needs to get done. If you’re going to keep warm with propane heat in your new home, here’s what you should know.

Propane Might Save You Money

The good news about propane? It can be a cheaper way to heat your home than electricity. This isn’t always the case, though — it depends on the rates of propane companies in your area. These companies can fluctuate a lot in rates, so make sure to do research to find a reputable, affordable one near you. And, if you can, order your propane during the summer when it’s less expensive.

You’ll Need Maintenance Records

If you’re buying a home with an existing propane tank, it’s important that you find out about the tank’s maintenance history. With proper maintenance, propane tanks last for decades. However, without the records, you won’t know if the tank has been well-maintained, or what it might need. Always ask for these records before you buy a home with propane heating.

Someone Else May Own the Tank

Another important thing to find out: Who actually owns the propane tank? Certain homeowners own their propane tanks. However, it’s also possible to rent tanks from fuel companies. If the tank’s a rental, you’ll need to plan to pay rental fees, but you won’t need to pay for maintenance. If it’s owned, you’ll pay more upfront for the tank, and you’ll also need to take charge of the maintenance.

Propane Is Good for the Environment

If you’re not familiar with propane, you might want to lump it in with toxic fossil fuels. But propane emissions actually don’t harm the environment. It’s a climate-friendly choice for heating your home.

Tanks Come in Different Sizes

Finding out the capacity of the propane tank is also important. When you know how much fuel the tank holds, you’ll know how often to schedule fuel delivery, and how much you’ll need on each delivery. Some tanks are installed underground, so you won’t be able to see how large they are by looking. But either way, you should find out the exact capacity of the tank in gallons from the sellers.

Ready for Your Own Propane Heating System?

Of all the ways to heat a home, a propane heating system is a relatively rare choice. But the small percentage of homeowners who use propane get to enjoy efficient, environmentally-friendly heat all winter. Ready to join the propane crowd? With this list, you’re now prepared to maintain your own tank, which will keep your home warm for years to come. And if you’re worried about looks, you should know that there are many ways to beautify your home’s outside, even with a propane tank. Check out our Garden section for our best outdoor decor tips!

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