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Workplace cleaning and organisation tips

Workplace cleaning and organisation tipsMost of the time we spends at the working place. One of the most important things to achieve productivity on high level is to keep the workplace clean. Messy desk significantly compromise perform of everyday tasks. Unsettled bunch of stuff and materials in the office is known as one of the major “thieves of time”. Despite all, what you have in your office or on the desk speaks about your personality. The office is a place where you make meetings
with your boss, clients, colleagues. Based on the first look at the desk or the office where you work, they can form the overall impression about you and your work style. It is very uncomfortable when in the presence of a client or your boss unsuccessfully search stack of papers. Remember, neatness of the office can be the basis for what other people think about you. The office is a mirror of those who work in it, and therefore it is important to keep it clean by yourself or simply rent an office cleaning company. In the text below we present 12 workplace cleaning and organisation tips that will contribute to better manage your time and achieving better results:

– For the maintenance of the workplace,it is enough to dedicate one hour a week to edit things in your office.
– Remove the things you don’t use at work.
– Necessary accessories and equipment for work, put close to you so you can easily retrieve it.
– At least once every two months clean the office from unnecessary things that are on the tables, in closets and on the floor. Set a date for cleaning of the offices and enter it in the obligations diary.
– Handle with papers only once: when you finish the job, archive them, and if you don’t need it, discard them. Convert documents into electronic form with scanning, so you can store it on your computer. Of course don’t forget to regularly make files ” backup.”
– Make files immediately. Organize place for archiving paper documents in appropriate folders in different colors depending on the type of the documents. For example, the minutes of the meetings hold in the yellow folder, procedures and policies in the green, business contracts in blue etc. The computer documents organize them in appropriate folders.
– For storing of the documents, which occupy your table and create a mess, use the drawers, shelves on the wall.
– When at the end of the day you leave the office, clean the table. On the way out look the table, and if you are satisfied exit from the office, if not, go back and fix things. When you arrive in the morning, you will be prepared to start with work.
– Look of your computer says a lot about your neatness. So take a time to inspect and clean your computer of the documents that you don’t need. This way you will always come quickly to the desired information.
– Ensure your coworkers and your boss to know where are the things of common interest. When you’re on vacation, no one will interrupt
you with requesting a document.
– Make a special place for disposal of the business messages. It can be for example cork board hanging on the wall.
– Avoid on the desk to hold things of a personal nature, such as, photographs, religious objects etc. That will send a bad message to bosses and colleagues that you rather be at home than at work.

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