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Industrial bathroom decor ideas

The industrial style in interior design become very popular all over the world for the last years. What makes this style so special? Although it looks rough and uncomfortable, the interior decorated spaces in an industrial style can be eye-pleasing and appealing. The industrial style was inspired by the age of industrialization from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In this decor style, you will see raw materials and untreated walls. Unfinished ceilings, visible installation and visible steel construction (beams and columns) are the basic elements for successful interior design in an industrial style. In addition, the walls of old brick and concrete floor, ceiling or wall are also key factors to achieve the overall visual impression when it comes to decorating in this style.
If you are tired of modern minimalism in your home and want something new and different, try decorating in an industrial style. For your inspiration in this article, we present you industrial bathroom decor ideas.

Industrial bathroom ideas

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