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Flipping Your Attic: How to Turn Your Attic Into an Awesome Bedroom

Are you thinking about turning your attic into a bedroom? It can be a worthwhile project. Here are a few small attic bedroom ideas to get you started.

Are you thinking about converting your attic space into a brand new bedroom? We don’t blame you! Do it right, and you could add an impressive 20% to the value of your property. But the benefits of turning your attic into a bedroom don’t stop there. You come away with a whole new room without having to move house! Better still, it’ll boast the best views in the house and enjoy wonderful natural lighting to boot. Clearly, loft conversions are a worthy investment all-around. The tricky bit is coming up with small attic bedroom ideas that’ll create the perfect space without breaking the bank. Are you running low on inspiration and want some expert suggestions to help? You’ve come to the right place! Keep reading for a selection of our best attic bedroom ideas and tips.

Use Light Colors in Small Spaces

Small attics create cozy bedrooms! But they can also feel cramped and claustrophobic- especially when you’ve got low and sloping ceilings to work around. Thankfully, there are various tricks of the trade that can create an illusion of having more space. The color scheme can make a particular difference in this regard. Try your best to incorporate light colors into the loft, such as classic white or shades of marigold. This will trick the eye into perceiving a lighter, airier, and more spacious bedroom altogether. Too much of anything is never good, though! Going overboard with your whites can create a cold, impersonal, clinical feel. That’s the last thing you want. Balance it all out by tempering the whites with an occasional flurry of color or inclusion of soft furnishings.

Keep Everything Open Plan

Are you lucky enough to have a slightly larger loft space to play with? Well, make the most of it by keeping your design open plan. Trying to segment it into smaller, discrete sections risks making everything feel dark, cramped and confined. An open-plan conversion does the opposite. Everything becomes lighter, more spacious, and practical too. With no visual or physical obstructions to worry about, you can navigate easily between different areas and enjoy the view outside from anywhere in the room. From a financial perspective, open plan areas are more desirable to buyers as well. The result? You maximize the value your loft conversion adds to the property.

Leverage the Sunlight

One of the most compelling qualities of loft conversions is the amount of natural light they let in. After all, unlike the sides of your home, the roof gets sun on it throughout the day. Installing glazing will leverage that fact, bringing beautiful light into the loft as a result. Don’t expect free reign over the location of those windows though! The slant and shape of your roof will be a determining factor in where you can position them. The available space may also restrict how many windows you can feasibly install. Consider whether the roof is better-suited to one large window or a series of smaller ones. Don’t forget about their proximity either. Would they be within easy reach for someone to open them by hand? Or would you need an electronic alternative? Asking yourself these questions should help you find the best glazing solution possible.

Incorporate Quality Blinds

Having sunlight flooding into your loft isn’t always agreeable though. For example, imagine trying to lay in on a lazy Sunday or get an early night after a busy day at work! The last thing you want is sunlight streaming in and stopping you from sleeping. It gets hot as well. The sunlight that hits your roof is far more intense than what comes through the other windows in your home. With insulation on all sides and no way to keep the sun out, your loft conversion can soon become oppressively hot. That’s why having high-quality blinds to shut the sunlight out is as important as installing windows to let it in! Your best option is to use high-quality custom-made blinds. They’ll fit your windows perfectly, keeping the room as cool and dark as possible in the process.

Install a Ceiling Fan

Closing the blinds in warm weather is definitely one way to regulate the temperature in your new attic room. But blocking out the sunlight on a nice day is never fun. After all, you installed those windows for a reason- to let the light in! And now you’re having to shut it out. Putting a ceiling fan in place should help. Turning it on will distribute a refreshing flow of cool air around the room. You can keep the blinds open and the sunlight streaming in, all without overheating! When winter comes around, you can reverse the fan’s direction and send warm air around instead.

Be Sensible With Storage

A certain amount of ingenuity is required to make the most of the available space in your loft. For instance, odd angles, low ceilings, and random recesses call for innovative storage solutions. There might be no room for a typical bookshelf, chest of drawers, or wardrobe. Don’t be disheartened though! See it as an opportunity to get creative. You could get custom-made shelves fitted beneath sloped ceilings, install a clothing rail in an awkward alcove, or use the eaves as a natural place to put things. Got valuables you want to hide from prying eyes? Stick a safe in a nook somewhere and choose an access panel door with which to cover it.

Remember These Small Attic Bedroom Ideas

Converting your loft into a bedroom has a host of enviable advantages. You create more space, add value to your property, and come away with a beautiful new room filled with natural light and amazing views. The hard part is knowing how to make the most of the space in order to deliver the best possible end result. Hopefully, the small attic bedroom ideas in this post will help in that regard.

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