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DIY Rope Decor Ideas

Rope with it’s texture can be very original and unusual home decor. This type of decoration is suitable for any part of the room. From rope can be made braided rug on the floor, chandelier, handles for drawers, with rope you can decorate the walls or ceiling, you can use it to decorate curtains etc. Rope made from natural jute canopy fits in combination with other natural materials such as wood, stone, textiles, ceramics. Look some interesting rope decor ideas.

rope decor ideas

source rope decor ideas 1

rope decor source

rope decor 1


rope decor 2source
rope decorations source

rope decorations 1 source

rope decorations 2 source

rope decorations 3source
rope decorations 4 source

rope decorations 5 source

decorating with rope


decorating with rope 1 source

decorating with rope 2 source

decorating with rope 3source
decorating with rope 4 source source
rope decoration source

rope decoration 1


rope decoration 2source
rope decoration 3 source

rope decoration 4 source

rope decoration 5 source

rope decoration 6


rope decoration 7 source

rope decoration 8 source

rope decoration 9source
rope decoration 10


rope decoration 10


rope decoration 11


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