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15 Radiator covers designs

If you plan to set radiator covers, pay attention to the aesthetic and functional side of the selected form. Forms of the radiator covers and opening on them can vary and can be made of wood or other materials. We show you some of the most frequently performed covers that are placed as decoration on the radiators in the home.


Image creditbathroom-radiator-covers

Image creditcovers-for-radiators

Image creditcreative-radiator-covers

Image creditcrystal-radiator-cover

Image creditdecorative-radiator-covers

Image creditdesign-radiator-covers

Image creditelegant-radiator-covers

Image credithome-radiator-covers

Image creditmodern-radiator-covers

Image creditover-radiator-shelving-unit

Image creditpallet-radiator-cover

Image creditradiator-cover-with-storage

Image creditradiator-design-cover

Image creditradiator-shelf-cover

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