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Gabion garden ideas

Gabion fences are wire mesh baskets filled with stones. Gabions can be used for many purposes in the garden: for benches, external environment of the fireplace, fences, surroundings of ponds,…

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Vertical garden design ideas

Vertical gardens were created more as solution for all those from urban areas who yearn for its greenery and a piece of land to cultivated, but simply they don’t have…

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Outdoor swings

Outdoor swings are perfect decor for the terrace. They takes us back to childhood when we are swing and enjoyed the sun. There are numerous models of outdoor swings, wooden,…

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12 Garden step stones ideas to decorate your garden

Step stones are not mandatory element in the garden, but if you want them in your garden, you can make outdoor stepping stones with little effort and materials which not…

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30 Lovely Hanging plant hangers

Decorative flower pots made of different materials, shapes and colors will highlight the beauty of your plants and decorate your home. But potted plants take too much space. So, if…

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Recycled furniture ideas

Rather than to discard old and useless furniture and furniture industry to cut down trees in order to make new, we can recycle old furniture and give them a new…

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Mosaic ideas for the garden

Mosaics are an excellent  way to add more color to your garden, especially in winter months when plants don’t flowering.  Mosaics can be made almost of everything –  tiles, glass,…

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Using pallets in the garden

By simply using pallets in the garden you can create coffee table and chairs, day bed ,kids playhouse, vertical gardens, garden path, flower planters, benches etc. In the post below…

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Modern garden design

In a modern home everything has its own place. Clean lines prevail and disorder is not allowed. In designing of the modern garden the same design principles should be applied….

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Garden doors and gates

Garden doors and gates are the extension of our home, the portal between our garden and public street. A thoughtfully designed gate can make the garden more welcoming. Look our…

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Bicycle with flowers

You can give new life to your old bike by conversion for a totally different purpose. For example bicycle with flowers; you can put flower pots on old bike and…

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Outdoor aquarium

An Outdoor aquarium Is the perfect addition to the backyard. The aquarium will beautify the garden when is well placed and in harmony with the greenery. The aquarium relaxes with…

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