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15 Amazing backyard swimming pool designs

The long, hot summer is already here, and with it enjoy and swimming season. Such relaxation you can afford it in your own home, if you have a garden, and…

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15 Outdoor shower designs for refreshment during the summer

There are many advantages that you have as a home owner, but the ability to customize the home and garden by your own taste is certainly one of the best…

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15 Beautiful inspiring garden pond design ideas

In the post we present you gallery of 15 beautiful and inspiring garden pond design ideas. To have a little water in the yard is definitely something that will not…

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DIY garden furniture ideas

Yard and garden do not always have to look uniform and monotonous, with only grass and some flowers. There are countless ways to quickly, easily and simply your yard to…

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Beautiful rose gardens

If you’re a proud garden owner, you’re aware of the cost and effort required to design a beautiful landscape. What makes a beautiful garden? Let’s name the elements of good…

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Outdoor decorative lights

Outdoor decorative lights plays an essential role in the garden, contribute in creating a pleasant atmosphere and help as in orientation in the garden. Skillfully positioned lighting in the garden…

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Garden path designs

In your garden except for the flowers, it needs to pay attention to the arrangement of the stasis, stone decorations, and the place where you will sit. Stasis can be…

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Outdoor pergola designs

If you are tired of bare look of your garden, beautify it with a pergola. Pergola will add an additional charm to your yard and area covered with pergola looks…

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Recycling tyres in the garden

We relatively often change cars tyres, and today we present you an ideas for recycling tyres in the garden. Rather than to discard old tires, we’ll help nature, but also…

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Vintage garden decor ideas

Every detail in the gardenĀ is decorative. Unleash your imagination and play with everything you get in your hands: pots, stone for paths, lamps, benches etc. Set flowers and other plants…

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