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What Makes a Manicured Lawn? 7 Keys to Taming Your Yard

If you’ve ever envied your neighbors’ manicured lawn, stop right now. This guide will reveal the secrets to a perfect-looking yard of your own.

When you think of a home improvement, the first thing that comes to mind is probably kitchen renovations, repainting bedrooms, or updating the fixtures in your bathroom. And while these are all great choices if you’re interested in beautifying your home, remember that first impressions are important. Even if the inside of your home is stunning, your yard is the first thing your neighbors and guests will notice. If your lawn has seen better days, it’s detracting from the beauty of the rest of your home! Having a manicured lawn can do wonders for your curb appeal and your home’s overall appearance. Read on to learn a few of the most effective ways to create a gorgeous lawn!

  1. Do Your Best to Rid Your Yard of Weeds

Nothing ruins a yard’s appearance like weeds. If even one springs up, before you know it, your entire lawn will be covered. If you’re already dealing with weeds, you have to options. You can dig them up by hand, but depending on the amount you have, this might not be a possibility. The other option is to use a weed control product to eliminate them. Now, if you go this route, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, both weed prevention and weed control products can be hazardous to your health. Be sure to read the container carefully and follow the advised safety precautions. Second, the time and manner in which these products are applied make a huge difference. For example, weed prevention products should be distributed in spring, before their seeds have had a chance to sprout. When eliminating preexisting weeds, you should apply the product when the grass is wet. The moisture will help the granules attach to the weeds.

  1. Don’t Mow Too Low

The height at which you mow your lawn may not seem like a big deal, but mowing your grass too low opens the door for weeds. This is because the blades of grass aren’t long enough to protect the soil from weed seeds. Instead of cutting to the root, give your grass a light trimming to keep it happy and healthy. Aim to clip a third or less of the length of your grass.

  1. Keep Your Equipment in Good Condition

Keeping your equipment will not only save you money in the long run by prolonging the need for repurchase but will also protect your grass. If your budget allows for it, purchase high-quality equipment and maintain them to keep them in top shape. The first item on your equipment maintenance list should be sharpening your mower blades. Instead of neatly trimming your yard, dull mower blades will tear your grass, giving it a ragged, discolored appearance. If you mow your lawn frequently or have a large yard, your mower blades will dull faster. The best way to determine whether or not your blades are in need of sharpening or replacement is to cut a small area and check the grass. If it appears shredded rather than clipped, your blades need attention.

  1. Water Your Grass

Watering your grass is essential to its health, but there is a right and wrong way to water it. Most types of grass thrive when given about an inch and a half of water per week, so there’s no need to water it every single day. Instead, aim for 2-3 times per week. On watering days, it’s best to water the grass as early in the morning as you can. You want the grass to be able to soak up what it needs, and the sun to dry up any excess. Remember, you want about an inch and a half per week, so if you’re watering 3 times a week, the grass should get half an inch per day. Pro tip: mark half an inch from the bottom of an empty can and place it near your sprinkler. When the water reaches the line, it’s time to stop watering.

  1. Use Fertilizer

One of the most important nutrients for grass is nitrogen, which can be found in many fertilizers. But like watering grass, there are certain fertilizing guidelines that if followed, will produce better results. Where you live will determine when you should fertilize. If you live in the northern part of the country, fertilizer will be most effective in the fall and spring. Those in the south should fertilize in the spring and summer. However, if your grass has gone dormant during the spring or summer due to drought, fertilizing will be a waste of time, as dormant grass cannot absorb nutrients. Use a mix of fast and slow-release fertilizers, but use them sparingly. When it comes to fertilizer, less is more. Although grass using nitrogen to grow, too much will burn it.

  1. Be Careful of Pet Urine

Your furry family members should, of course, be allowed to run and play in the yard to keep them healthy. But the unfortunate reality is pet urine burns grass, resulting in a patchy and discolored lawn. If you can, set aside a spot in your yard and train your dog to urinate there. You can choose a mulch area to avoid damaging the grass altogether, or you can sacrifice a small, inconspicuous patch.

  1. Consider Reseeding Patchy Grass

Perhaps the grass you have is green and healthy, but your yard is missing patches here and there. If this is the case, it can be beneficial to reseed any thin areas. Use a tiller to expose fresh soil, then gently rake back over it once you’ve laid out the seeds to encourage implantation. When creating a well-manicured lawn, you have to pick and choose which lawn care tips you put into action. For example, you can’t reseed and use a weed prevention product at the same time. The product will block your grass seedlings as well as the weeds.

Use These Tips to Achieve a Manicured Lawn

Cultivating a manicured lawn takes a great deal of commitment and patience. But the results are well worth the effort! Your yard will be the envy of your entire neighborhood, and you’ll get a sense of pride every time you look at it knowing you created something beautiful.

In search of more tips and tricks for making your home look spectacular both inside and out? Be sure to take a look at our blog!

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