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13 vegetable arrangements ideas

Decoration with flowers has long been known as a necessarily, without that any events, receptions and beautifying the interior is unthinkable. However, a new trend of combining vegetables with flowers creates impressive arrangements that take your breath away. Onions, tomatoes, cabbage, zucchini, beans – in the decoration look unique and utterly original. For your inspiration take a look vegetable arrangements ideas that we selected for you.

Easy vegetable arrangements

Image credithow to decorate vegetables

Image creditvegetable flower arrangements

Image creditvegetable display ideas

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decorative vegetables

Image creditdecorated vegetables

Image creditvegetable flower arrangements1

Image credithow to decorate vegetables1

Image creditvegetable arrangements

Image creditvegetable bouquet

Image creditvegetable bouquet1

Image creditvegetable display ideas1

Image creditdecorated vegetables1

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