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7 Secrets to Keeping a Squeaky-Clean House

Cleanliness is not a quality people are born with, but rather learn. Discover the secrets to keeping a clean house here.

Has your home begun to pile up with junk and dust? With how busy life gets, it’s sometimes hard to keep up with your home’s cleanliness. When you spend 8+ hours at work a day, it seems as though you never have the time to clean your home. Don’t give up hope yet! There are a few secrets to keeping a clean house that will help make the process simpler for you. Whether you live alone or have a few children running around behind you, you’ll appreciate knowing these few secrets. It’s time to remove the mess and get your clean home back! Continue reading below for our list of cleaning secrets that’ll help you keep your home sparkling from top to bottom!

  1. Create a Cleaning Schedule and Stick to It

Just like your planner for school or work assignments, you should have a schedule written down for home cleaning. Come up with a schedule that works best for you by fitting into your daily routine. For example, if you work on the weekdays, plan to get your cleaning done once a week on the weekend.

Everyone’s schedule is different so you’ll need to figure out what fits into your schedule. Once you have a schedule of when to clean your home, you should then create a list of the things that need to be done on each cleaning day. Writing out a list ensures that you don’t miss anything.

  1. Use Products That Are Safe for Your Home

When cleaning your home, you should also be using products that are safe for both you and your home. Many cleaning products contain harsh chemicals and toxins. But you want your home to be free of any harmful germs or toxins, so this means finding safe cleaning products to use in your home.

There are plenty of non-toxic cleaning products available on the market. Using non-toxic cleaning products in a home with young children, pets, or elderly persons is essential. But using non-toxic products is any home is a good idea.

You should browse more information on safe cleaning products before choosing the right ones for your home.

  1. Remove All Clutter

You have a schedule set up and safe cleaning products to use. Your next step is to declutter your home. Before you begin cleaning anything, be sure to remove all unnecessary clutter.

You can’t really clean your home if there’s random stuff lying around at every corner you turn. One great way to start decluttering is to create 3 separate piles. One pile should be labeled for items to be thrown away. Another should be labeled for items to keep, and another for donations.

Once you’re done creating these piles, you’ll hopefully have gotten rid of a lot of stuff that was taken up space in your home. With only the items you truly want and need left, you can now begin to find a proper place for everything.

  1. Use Clever Storage Options

Storing things in a clever way will help keep everything out of the way and hidden when not in use. Some clever storage options would be to use storage that hangs from the back of your closet door or furniture pieces that double as storage units.

Be sure that everything has a specific place. You don’t want to throw random items into your ottoman. Instead, keep things stored in there that make sense, such as couch blankets, family board games, or food trays.

  1. Clean as You Go

One great tip to help you keep your home clean at all times is to clean as you go. Imagine all the hard work you put into doing a deep cleaning of your home only for it to get back to a crazy mess little by little. To prevent this from happening, be sure to clean as you go.

For example, when cooking in your kitchen, be sure to place all dirty dishes in the dishwasher for cleaning or hand wash them and set out to dry. As you make a mess in your home, be sure to go behind yourself and clean it up. This will help you keep everything in order.

  1. Clean From Top to Bottom

Another word of helpful advice is to clean from top to bottom. Start at the top of each room such as dusting the ceilings, walls, and fans. You’ll then make your way down by dusting off and wiping down windows and countertops.

The very last thing you should do in each room is sweep, vacuum, and mop. Following this cleaning style will prevent you from having to go back over something that you already cleaned.

  1. Clean Task by Task

You can decide to clean each room at a time, however, it might be quicker to clean task by task rather than room by room. This means starting out by grabbing your duster and dusting each room’s ceiling, walls, and fans. When done, you’ll move on to the next task.

Your next task might be cleaning windows with glass cleaner. You’ll get your glass cleaner out and clean all windows and mirrors, and then move on to the next task still keeping in mind to work from top to bottom.

Know these Secrets to Keep a Clean House!

Staying on top of everything in your home can become overwhelming at times. However, knowing these secrets to keep a clean house is going to help you keep everything in order!

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