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Decorate your Haven in Winters using the Danish Art of Hygge

Winters are cold, dark and dead silent, making it a struggle to find something pleasurable. But fret not! Hygge can be the answer. The idea is generated by Danish people, who are considered as the happiest people in the world. The Danish concept focuses on rejoicing life’s simple pleasures with family and friends. You know the state of contentment you get when you huddle up in a blanket and read a good book, crack open some peanuts beside the warmth of the fire or listen to the sound of rain pouring down. That’s what Hygge is all about!

You can integrate all these pleasant feelings into your haven by making simple modifications at an affordable cost. Home decor experts Baytree Interiors possess a lot of experience in decorating homes asper the occupants’ taste. They help us revive winters in good spirits by incorporating Hygge into our interiors.

Add Rustic Textures
Hygge demands the use of rustic textures and natural materials to give your rooms an antique look. Natural materials like wood, linen, and leather enhance the earthy freshness with their unpretentious, organic warmth. Use paneled walls, nature-inspired chandeliers and modern rustic sofa seating along with soft furnishings like fluffy pillows, cable knits, fur rugs and soft carpets to feel cozy and convenient.

Use Warm Hues for Your Colour Scheme
Using warm or even neutral hues like brown, white, cream and grey to invite a soothing sense of feeling. The art of Hygee gives you more of a psychological feel than a physical effect. Think of all the ways that lead to your inner satisfaction and transform your ideas into an architectural splendour.

Put On the Right Lights
Lights radiate warmth in a true sense, so to create a mellow environment, use lamps, candles, fairy lights or lanterns all around your Hygge home. But remember an excess of anything can be counterproductive. Similarly, too many bright lights can weaken the Hygge feel you’re trying to create.

Cook Meals that Warm Everyone’s Heart
The purpose of Hygge is to love the little pleasures of life by spending quality moments with your family. The aroma of fresh wholesome food is enough to arouse warmth in everyone’s heart. Gather your family and friends, present them simple and delicious home cooked meals and build beautiful memories together.

Take up Relaxing Hobbies
A good hobby is a perfect way to find bliss in solitude. Read an interesting book beside the fire, watch the snowflakes by the window or listen peaceful music to cherish some alone time. Knitting and weaving are among a few crafting hobbies that allow you to involve your family members and make creative masterpieces for your home. The Hygge concept for interior decor will certainly make your dreary winters cheerful.

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