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LED: A Simple DIY Upgrade You Can Do

An Indoor And Outdoor Solution
There is a reason governments the world over are actively phasing out incandescent lighting options; not least of them being the US. In fact, there are several reasons. Briefly, LED lighting has represented a much more cohesive, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly solution which effectively surrogates incandescent tech.

While this has been the case for most of the history of the LED, what hasn’t been the case is the simplicity of installation and commercialization of LED solutions. Before, if you wanted to make use of LED tech, you’d need some technical acumen requisite to proper installation. Additionally, you’d need good funding.

LEDs were once just too expensive to represent a trustworthy substitute of incandescent and fluorescent lighting options. But as the applications and effectiveness of this innovation have grown, things have changed.

Now LEDs are used for indoor and outdoor lighting applications unilaterally. They can provide the same levels of illumination—and in many cases, greater levels—while using less energy and lasting longer. This means LED solutions to have a lower environmental footprint.Creative Applications
LED tech has expanded in conjunction with many other burgeoning technological applications, a great example being the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT uses more and more streamlined WiFi innovations to make common things controllable through smartphone apps.

You can put your garage door opener on your cell phone, control your thermostat, start your car, activate your computer, monitor your fridge/freezer, and even turn all the lights on or off as suits you. With LEDs, you can turn all the lights on or off in the house with the swipe of a screen.

Certainly, IoT tech can be applied to non-LED solutions as well, but these are being actively phased out, are less efficient when it comes to energy, and generally seem to require a greater deal of effort to employ in such a capacity. Meanwhile, you can control an LED strip with relative ease, meter the colored output, and much more.

LED innovations aren’t combined to the interior, either. According to, LED outdoor lighting functions as cohesively in outdoor arenas as many traditional solutions. Regarding the eLucent 100W&150W LED Area Light, ATG says: “[this] area light delivers brilliant illumination with application in parking lots, airports, and campuses.”

When you consider that all this can be set up with relative ease independent of contractors, or other such constructive “middle-men” which drive up the cost of an upgrade, the utility of LED becomes all the more apparent.

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