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How To Choose The Best Extendable Outdoor Dining Table

TableAny homeowner wants their backyard to be as comfortable and inviting as the interior. Outdoor recreation in good weather — what could be more beautiful? And for gatherings with family or friends, you should always have a spacious table. Patio dining tables are one of the most popular choices for garden furniture because they are very functional and make your interior feel cozy. One of the best investments for outdoor gatherings would be an extendable dining table, which allows you to adjust the table size and add a few more seats to ensure that all of your loved ones will fit at one table. In this article, you’ll learn how to choose the right sliding dining table for the outdoors.

Why choose an extendable table?
Entertaining outdoors is one of people’s favorite things to do with the onset of the warm season. However, sometimes it can be challenging to manage the space available to make outdoor dining as comfortable and welcoming as possible. For example, you may not want a huge table to take up your space regularly because you only want large tables for special occasions, parties, or holidays. That’s when the Cosywood extendable outdoor dining table top comes into play. The garden tables from Cosywood are designed with various weather conditions in mind, so they are guaranteed to last you a long time. But why choose the extendable table type?

  • You can adjust its size according to your guest list; Want to dine out for two? No problem; do you want dinner in a big family circle? You can purchase an extendable outdoor dining table for 12 and no longer think about where to seat your guests;
  • The tables are made of quality materials designed for outdoor use, and therefore the table remains resistant to moisture and insects forever;
  • A teak extendable outdoor dining table gives your patio a more cozy and aesthetic look;
  • They save space in your patio because, on normal days, they don’t take up much space when folded;
  • The outdoor extendable dining table is very easy to care for.

All in all, this purchase of this part of the Garden office ideas is definitely worth your investment, especially during the sale. So, an outdoor extendable dining table is a must-have if you like to have family gatherings or parties with friends outdoors.

Types of dining table extensions
When choosing a table with an extension, it’s important to know that they differ in the type of design, too. And to understand which one will suit you best, you should get to know them better:

  • The Butterfly Shaped Extended Dining Table
    The butterfly-shaped table folds up compactly, and you don’t need to store table extensions elsewhere. To extend the table surface, you need to release the clips and “extend” the tabletop. You can perform this shenanigan without additional help; these tables are neat and comfortable.
  • Traditional sheet table
    Extend this type of table by sliding the ends of the tabletop, forming a gap between them. After that, these gaps are placed on several extenders, which are stored separately; they are also called sheets. Such a table needs to expand with someone’s help because the ends of the table must be raised and moved simultaneously.
  • The leaf table
    There is also a slightly different form of a sheet table, in which other table tops are stored in a hidden compartment under the tabletop. Such a table still needs two people to spread out, but the task is easier because all the sheets are stored in the same place as the table.
  • Table with reclining sheets
    This type of table has become quite popular lately. It is unusual because the extra sheets are not “hidden” but remain in view, attached to hinges on the table’s edges. When the leaves need to be raised, they are secured with brackets. However, such tables will not give you too much extra space, and putting anything heavy or lean on the raised parts is not advisable.
  • Stow table
    A special feature of this table is that they store extra sheets to extend under the table, creating a two-layer look. Deploying such a table is not difficult, as you pull in the extra sheet and easily raise it to the same level as the table surface with a special mechanism. With the help of the same mechanism, the sheet is fixed on the surface without disrupting the table setting. You can quickly give them a place at the table if you have unexpected guests.
    It is very important to pay attention to the variety of models and features of your interior to choose the best extendable outdoor dining table. Nevertheless, garden furniture is gaining more and more popularity among the UK population, so whatever you choose, you are still in the trend.

How to choose the right size extendable dining table?
Measuring is the most responsible part when choosing furniture, which also applies to outdoor furniture. It would help to perform the right measurements for a table that will fit your allocated space well. First, take measurements of your space, and ensure that you leave at least 3 feet of space on all sides of the table as if it were unfolded. Sometimes you can go beyond your previously established measurements if you have a chance to move some furniture while you’re sitting down.
If you have a fairly modest space to place a table, we suggest looking at round or oval shapes or pedestal tables that would visually make the surrounding space more spacious. Also, choose chairs of a simpler, oversized style and without armrests to save space on the table.
Extendable dining tables have plenty of advantages to consider as a staple of patio décor. Learn how to choose the best sliding table for yourself.

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