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How to frame a basement – 20 cool basements pictures

If your house or apartment have basement, you can use it as an additional living space. Empty and unused space in the basement with good planning can serve for many purposes and activities. Basements often are not for long stay because of insufficient natural light and moisture which is often present. Because of that at the beginning it is necessary to make insulation, bring water supply, electricity and all other installations. With the right choice of colors, lighting and decor, this area can be a nice place to live. During the planning it is necessary to know in advance for what purpose will be used this space, as a living room, bedroom, office, entertainment room and guest room, gym, kitchen, bath, home theater, children’s playground, library etc… Colors affect on our mood and because of that in the basements are recommended yellow, soft green, orange and a great alternative to painting of the walls in the basement are wallpapers with different colors, textures and patterns. The atmosphere in the basement will improve by posting pictures on the wall or colorful posters. An important part of the decor is the lighting. The built-in lights on the ceiling visually enhances low basement ceilings. It is desirable and additional lighting with floor, wall and table lamps. As for the floor it should be of material resistant to moisture and for that the best are ceramic tiles in bright shades but can be used and laminate. Here are some ideas how to frame a basement into beautiful room

basement designsource

basement design 1source

basement design 2source

basement design 3


basement design 4source

basement design 5source

basement design ideassource

basement design ideas 1source

basement design ideas 2source

basement design ideas 3source

basement design ideas 4

basement design ideas 5source

basement design ideas 6source

basement room designssource

basement room designs 1source

basement room designs 2source

basement room designs 3source

basement room designs 4

basement room designs 5source

basement room designs 6source

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