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Simple vivid home decor for better mood

Small things in home decor can refresh the space and improve our mood. To achieve vivid home decor doesn’t mean that you need to spend much effort, time and money. Colors give positive energy, and their usage in interior and details will contribute to a pleasant atmosphere in the home. Every room needs color and change time to time. The simplest way to achieve that is with colorful cushions which are harmonized with bedding color, curtains and other colors in the room. Flowers and fruits in various colors has in each season, they will refresh the space in a moment. Easy you will refresh your bathroom with towels in bright colors like yellow and bright green, but you can opt for red or purple towels. When you get bored of one color, simple replace the towels with another color. Add life to your kitchen with a colorful tablecloth, paint the chairs in different colors, you can paint the walls in a different colors, even the floor. Freshness and warm atmosphere will bring and if you paint your closet in one or several colors. Look our choose of 16 colorful home decor ideas.

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colorful home decor

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colorful interior design 1source

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