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Window Treatment Ideas

The windows can be just as beautiful as the rest of the room. You just need to know how to decorate them. There are many window treatment ideas to choose from, including curtains, blinds and shutters. And each of them has its advantages and disadvantages in terms of privacy, blocking light and adding aesthetic value to the room. Some options are more for the look, while others will keep the room dark and private.

Sheer Panels
Breathable curtains are made of translucent lightweight fabric. From a design point, they act by softening the window and scattering the light but they don’t offer privacy. This window treatment is best for residential areas where you are not concerned about privacy.

Window treatment ideas 2022

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Curtains that filter light
They can be made from a wide range of fabrics so that they fit into various design styles. They offer better privacy than breathable curtains and they will not completely darken the space from outside light.

light-filtering curtains

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Roller curtains
Roller blinds are a very simple window treatment that does not offer much aesthetic value. These curtains are produced in a variety of materials, including fabric and vinyl. When they are open, the material is flat and blocks the light. And when they close, the material is in a roll. With them, you can dim or completely darken the room by your choice so they can fit in most rooms.

Roller Shades

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Solar blinds
Solar blinds are made of a special fabric that will block light and protect you from UV rays. The fabric is also resistant to the sun, so it will not fade. Options range from the ability to block light to complete blackout. These options are ideal for windows that receive a lot of direct sunlight.

solar shades for windows

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Floor-to-ceiling curtains
They are great for living spaces as well as bedrooms. Such curtains are often used from a design standpoint to add a little drama to a room.

floor-to-ceiling curtains

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Vertical blinds
Vertical blinds are often seen on sliding doors and tall windows. They are often made of PVC material and are not very decorative. But their advantage is in terms of privacy and blocking light when closed.

vertical blinds for windows

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Curtains on a double rods
Double rods curtains offer different options. The usual combination is the use of thicker and more decorative curtain material for the outer bar and hanging ribbons on the inner bar. This way you can close both types of curtains for maximum privacy and block light. But you can also close only sheer curtains to allow light to enter the space while maintaining a bit of privacy. These curtains are suitable for living rooms as well as bedrooms.

curtains on a double rod

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Roman blinds
Roman blinds are often made of fabric, but they also come in other materials, such as bamboo. They bend into even folds when raised. But when they go down, they have a smooth surface. Roman blinds are suitable for most rooms.

roman shades for windows

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Venetian blinds have horizontal slats that can be made of different materials, including metal, wood and vinyl. To raise and lower the blinds, the rope is pulled, and the slats can be tilted. These blinds can be the size of a window and allow for different levels of privacy. However, horizontal slats collect dust. They are good for most rooms, although they will not completely block the light in the bedrooms.

venetian blinds

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Blackout curtains
They mainly consist of a decorative fabric lined with another heavy fabric that protects from light and also insulates the room from the heat and cold coming through the window. They are perfect for darkening bedrooms.

blackout curtains

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